SMEGMA is a collection of dirt and excretions that builds up inside the horses sheath. SMEGMA can restrict the penis from dropping fully to urinate. SMEGMA can attract Flies. Flies can lay eggs in the urethra and block the flow of urine. Horses need their sheaths cleaned and the beans removed every six months.Some require it more often.

BEANS are found on each side of the urethra at the end of the penis. BEANS can become the size of a walnut. Large BEANS can put pressure against the urethra making it hard for the horse to urinate. This causes the horse to strain. Straining can cause a sore back and other problems. BEANS should be removed every 6 months.



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Holistic Sheath Specialist 12yrs

Endorsed by Al Dunning



Reduces Tail Rubbing
Helps penis to drop
Reduces Sheath Cancer
Stronger Urine flow
Reduces Summer Sores
Reduces Flies